Electrical-Pole-before-and-AfterIf a cord plug will not stay in place, the receptacle needs replacing.  We can switch it out for you.

When you buy a new appliance, you may need to change from a 110 volt circuit to a 240 volt circuit.

We have a bucket truck that can reach the peak of your building to change out the sensor on that area light or install a new one.

Just like you, your circuit breakers need exercise.  Make sure they get it.  Ask us.

Your electrical panel should be looked at periodically to make sure all of those wire connections are properly tight and cool.  Loose connections cause failure.

Check for sealant. Moisture issues show up unexpectedly.

Is your light controlled by a switch or dimmer? Does it work properly?

Is your service equipment outdated?  Is your pole rotting out?  Perhaps it is time to update.