You already knew we are the #1 electrical contractor in the region, but did you know that Floener Electric is also one of the largest suppliers of quality electrical materials?

When you are doing a project, come see us for conduit and wire.

Receptacles, switches and smoke detectors.

Lighting fixtures and lamps.

Baseboard and in-wall heaters.

Area lighting.

Fuses and circuit breakers.

Electrical panels.

We can repair your table or floor lamp or light fixture that you just can’t give up.  We also can replace cords that maybe your dog chewed up.

We build service pedestals for our customers to pick up and install themselves.

You can do so many simple electrical projects yourself with the right materials.

When you need us, give Floener Electric a call at 509-684-8353 or come by the store at 423 West First Avenue in Colville.

Electrical Supply store