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    Information Needed for Estimate:
    This is the type of information that we will need to do your estimate. The more detailed information that we have, the more accurate your project estimate will be.

    Installation of a Generator

    • Manual interlock kit with that?

    • Automatic transfer switch with that?

    • What will you be running with the generator?

    • Distances between the generator power inlet and the electrical panel?

    • Or are you hooking it up to your pedestal?

    • Does your electrical panel have any more available spaces in it?


    • New wiring?

    • Relocation of switches and receptacles?

    • Adding circuits?

    • Changing out receptacles from 110 volt to 220 volt?

    • What are your new appliance specifications?

    • Do you have open walls or closed walls?

    • How are we going to run the wiring?

    New Service

    • 200 amp or 400 amp service?

    • Temporary or permanent service?

    • Pedestal or meter panel?

    • Distances between Avista’s transformer and your new service location.

    • Who is providing utility locating, excavation and backfill?

    • Have you considered future loads?

    • Do you need an RV provision? What size?

    Upgrade to LED

    • Will you supply fixtures or Floener Electric?

    • How bright do you need your bulbs?

    • What shade of color do you want your bulbs?

    • Distances will be required between equipment being installed and power source.

    • Drawing and or pictures will be required.

    • Is this a new or existing service?

    • What specific equipment circuits need to be installed, altered, or repaired.

    • Does your electrical panel have spaces open for us to install new breakers?

    • Is there access for wiring through the attic, crawl space, basement, open walls/joists or exterior?

    If you don’t know exactly what you want, we don’t either.


    Type of equipment to be installed/altered/repaired


    Equipment related to electrical installation
    Type of Equipment and Brand Name

    Electrical Information?Click Here for Informational Video
    This information comes straight off the nameplate on the equipment:



    Number of Conductors


    KW Rating

    Detailed Scope of Work including all appliance loads?
    A scope of work is a description of the work to be completed, with detailed expectation of the project. Click Here for Examples

    Wiring route

    Build construction type



    Note potential hazards

    Place to turn around

    Do we have full access?

    Is area overgrown with vegetation?

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    Items to attach when applicable

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    Additional Information

    ** If you are having problems with this form, please feel free to call the office at (509) 684-8353. Someone will take down the information for you.