business-officeFor you small business owners out there, your utility company is giving some amazing incentives this year to conserve energy.   Not only are you receiving the incentive, you are saving money in the long run on your electrical bill.

Lighting, of course, is a large part of electric usage for most small businesses.  Sometimes it is simple as retrofitting your current light fixtures to LED.

Don’t just think about your overhead lighting in your building, also consider better lighting on the exterior of your building.  Not only does it look good for your business, it will help deter crime.

What about your business sign?  Is it lit up so all can see it and is it energy efficient?

Consider automatic lighting controls in your restrooms and breakrooms.  When not in use, the lights will go out.  Saving you energy and money.

Give Floener Electric a call at 509-684-8353 or come by the store at 423 West First Avenue in Colville for more information.  Not only can we calculate your incentive, we can do the work and do it right.