Floener-websiteFloener Electric has a wonderful website. You should visit us on-line at floener.com. It is full of information. Not only does it have pictures of our jobs highlighting what work we do, it also features a big Thank You every month to one of our customers.

It states our fabulous 5-year guarantee.

If you have missed one of our Tips of the Week, we have them all listed under the Blog section of the website.

You can contact us through our website and you can also request an estimate for an up-coming project through our website. Even if you are thinking about a project for next year, we can give you an idea what the cost may be and perhaps give you some ideas how to get you started.

Visit us on our website at floener.com or like us on Facebook.

If technology is not your thing, you are always welcome to come by the store at 423 West First Ave in Colville to discuss your project or just give us a call at 509-684-8353.